Meet the team

Our team is staffed by scientists who have a passion for their work. We have the experience and the know how to design and create your own private paradise in Greece. Get to know us.

Georgios Siachos

Born in Patras. He studied Civil Engineering direction, Structural field at the Polytechnic School of University of Patras during 1996-2002, from where he graduated in July 2002. He accomplished his postgraduate studies in the Department of Earthquake Engineering, Degree Thesis :"Comparison of FEMA and European Regulations procedures for seismic assessment of existing buildings via pushover non-linear elastic analysis".

He has been working since 2002 in Patras. He holds a class B Ministry of Enviroment and Public Works degree in Structural static design and Geodetic Surveying studies. He has performed as a scholar and supervisor engineer many private housing projects and industrial centers and has undertaken constructions of buildings and studies of public works .

Articles in science journals and conference

Αthanasios Skouteris

Born in Patras. He studied Electrical Engineering at the School of Applied Technology Education (ATEI) of Patras from where he graduated in July 2009 . He is supervising engineer of electrical applications in residences, hotel facilities and industrial projects. He has performed interconnected and autonomous photovoltaic housing and special building projects.

Until today he has worked on integrated automation solutions (lighting, alarm, sound transmission and heating with central management functions smartphone or iPad ) and on multimedia systems.


Σταύρος Σιάχος

Stavros Siachos

Born in Agrinio. He worked as Geodetic Surveyor Engineer in the Ministry of Agriculture from 1963 to 2000. In a period of 37 years he has contributed to a number of large public projects, including :

  • land reforms : Lake Yannitsa , Vorraikos River, areas Alpheus – Peneus River
  • City designs : City of Dion Olympus municipality , City of New Madytos Volvis municipality , City of Paos ,municipality of Kalavryta
  • Definitions of shores and beaches : Ζante

From 2000 to present day he has been working in topographical works in city projects, in road works and land status characterizations by the Forest Service.

External Collaborator

Dimitrios Zafiropoulos

Born in Athens. He studied Law at the Law School of University of Thrace from which he graduated in 1966. HE retains his own Law Firm in Athens and he specializes in the criminal-urban law.